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OTI: Electronic Health Records (EHR) Practice Guide
Overcoming Therapeutic Inertia


ADA Practice Guide: Identifying and Helping Your Patients at Highest Risk for Therapeutic Inertia

We all know therapeutic inertia exists, but does it exist in your clinic? It can be difficult to identify discover those who are not receiving timely diabetes care.

The American Diabetes Association® (ADA) created this practice guide, which focuses primarily on glycemic targets, to help you leverage your electronic health record (EHR) to identify and intervene in the care of the people you treat with type 2 diabetes who may be experiencing therapeutic inertia. 

The practice guide includes:

  • EHR data and reporting
  • Interpreting key therapeutic inertia data and taking action
  • Office workflow and protocol

Adopt this tool in your practice to intervene in the care of the people you treat at highest risk for therapeutic inertia. The guide also provides advice on how to frame the conversation with the people you treat, what you should keep in mind when making treatment decisions—such as social determinants of health—and how to help them achieve their target A1C.

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