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GLP-1 Medications: A Panel discussion on Benefits, Risks and Misuse of GLP-1 medications

Join ADA's Clinical Centers & Programs Interest Group for this panel discussion.

Learning Objectives:
  1. To get a clear understanding of benefits associated with GLP-1 medications.
  2. To discuss how to deal with current shortage of GLP-1 Medications
  3. To discuss the misuse of GLP-1 medications in med spas and other wt. loss clinics and use of non FDA approved compounded semaglutide


Disha Narang MD, DABOM
Endocrinologist & Director Obesity Medicine
Endeavor Health North Shore

Celeste Thomas, MD
Associate professor of Medicine
Endocrine Director, Metabolic & Fatty Liver Clinic

Nuzhat Chalisa MD, FACE, DABOM
Chair-elect, ADA Clinical Centers and Programs Leadership Team
Director Endocrinology and Obesity Clinic
Morris hospital & Health Care Center

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