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Focus On Diabetes Series

This online series highlight's the role of the eye care team in 4 Modules, focusing on recognizing risk factors for diabetes and encouraging screening for appropriate patients, while explaining the importance of lifestyle modifications to prevent and manage diabetes.   

Modules Included: 

  • Diabetes 101: What is diabetes, what puts a person at risk for it, and—most importantly for our purposes—how can it affect eye health?
  • Diabetes Prevention: What is prediabetes and how can someone keep it from progressing to diabetes? This is key because diabetic eye disease can start even before someone is diagnosed with diabetes.
  • Diabetes and Eye Health: A deeper dive into diabetes-related eye conditions—what they are, how they’re treated, and the crucial importance of regular eye exams and screenings. Also, how diabetes affects optometric care and how to support patients with diabetes.
  • Healthy Living with Diabetes: Managing diabetes can be challenging and requires empowered patients and a team approach to care. Offering information and support can help our patients with diabetes navigate the lifestyle changes, medication regimens, and health care visits they need to stay healthy for life. 
Availability: On-Demand
Cost: FREE
Credit Offered:
No Credit Offered
Contains: 4 Courses
American Diabetes Association 2451 Crystal Drive, Suite 900, Arlington, VA 22202 1-800-DIABETES
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